Zooppa Team’s Action Plan

Hello Zooppers,

We’ve seen some recent frustrations regarding timelines and how long it takes to get things done. We truly appreciate the feedback given as we know you are just as passionate about Zooppa as we are and want the best experience possible.

Here are some touch points that we pledge to work on:

1) Firmer about deadlines for both creatives and clients. This means we’ll be more diligent about reminding all clients to select their winners upon the agreed timeline. On the flip side, we’ll be firmer about creatives submitting their paperwork/revisions on time otherwise alternate winners may be selected.

2) On the communication front, please know that Haley and myself (Meme) are working as hard as we can to get back to you in an efficient manner. Regarding campaign updates, We know that we can always improve so please email us at support@zooppa.com to check in if we’re dropping the ball. Haley or myself will update the forum once a week after a project closes with updates.

3) After winners are announced on any new project, we will strive to receive a community recap that we can share from the client. The feedback will be posted on the project forum. This is not anything we can promise, but we’ll do our best to give you an overarching explanation on the winners they’ve selected.

4) We’re now quoting a 90 day payment process so it more accurately reflects when we are able to disperse payments. The 90 day timeframe is linked to when we receive the award payment from our clients. Please help us out by filling in all your claim form information as quickly and accurately as possible. We switched to DocuSign so no more printing, scanning, and photographing! In the future, we’d love nothing more than to shorten this timeframe.

On your end, if you could inform us of any potential travel or unavailability after the project close—that would be great. Please be mindful of wall art, logos on clothing and products etc. as these are common moderation hold ups and blur them in advance. If you find yourself questioning any part of the process, contact us sooner than later at support@zooppa.com or our chat widget.

Thank you so much for wanting to make Zooppa a better place. We admire all the effort that you put into this and the relationships you’ve built with us.

Haley & Meme

Jasmine Moore

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  1. Sounds good, Meme. Thanks for striving to make Zooppa a better place. In my opinion, the 90 day payment process should be shortened to 14 days after the winners are announced. The companies coming through here are not poor, and can afford to issue full payment up front.

    This would be fairly consistent with other contest sites, such as Tongal: We content creators have 5 days from the end of the final phase of the project to fill out our forms to get paid, and the site itself issues payments on the 1st and 15th of every month.

    A similar kind of tight scheduling on Zooppa would trully benefit those who are trying to make a living through the site (and potentially issue their own necessary payments to talent, etc.).

    Thanks so much!

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