Zooppa Favorites: 2018 FIFA World Cup Ads

Here at Zooppa, once our community team has finished viewing all submissions for a project, we add those that stand out, blow our minds, or perhaps even make us fall out of our seats laughing, to our Zooppa Favorites. Since we’re still recovering from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we thought it would be a fun idea to share which of this year’s World Cup advertisements we would add to our favorites.

The World Cup attracts a massive amount of viewers and presents a tremendous marketing opportunity for brands. According to CNN Money, $2.4 billion was spent on ads generated by the world cup. Goooooaaaaaal!

The following are a few of our personal favorite ads from this year’s World Cup. *Zooppa Favorite

Coca-Cola advertisements center around the idea of being ready for the World Cup with a can or bottle of Coke by your side:

Visa’s ads featured Swedish international player Zlatan Ibrahimović and revolved around Zlatan’s FOMO of this year’s World Cup. They show that even though not everyone can be present at the actual World Cup, everyone can use Visa everywhere.

The McDonald’s spots emphasized the fact that they are open 24/7 and there when soccer fans feel happy or sad about the outcome of matches.

Vivo wanted to showcase the high quality of its phones as they are being used both to capture the World Cup – for the lucky people who get to watch it in person, and to watch it – for those who are not physically at the game.

Adidas brought together an unexpected group of creators across sports, music, and modeling for a soccer match full of electricity, literally and figuratively. Its goal is to inspire people unite what is divided.

As a creative agency that works with both American and European companies, employs  a global network of 400,000 creatives, it’s cool to see how it all comes together for one big, global cultural moment.

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