Zooppa Assignment: BTS (Behind The Scenes)


Photo Credit: Naeem Munaf for the “Best Foods: Squeeze More Out” project

Your assignment (should you choose to accept) for our very first Zooppa Assignment is to create/share a photograph with the theme of “Behind The Scenes”.

We want to see what it looks like “BTS” when our Zooppers are creating awesome content for the many projects we have on Zooppa! The photograph can be from any current or past Zooppa project you may have worked on.


Congratulations to Zoopper Laura Leandra for winning our first ever Zooppa Assignment!  Feel free to share your awesomeness with the world now, and we will be in touch with you to get some further details from you for a special prize.

Here is Leandra’s winning submission:

Date Assigned: 10/22/2015
Due Date: 11/05/2015

Media Type: Photographs

Inspiration: Behind the Scenes

  • Photos can be uploaded to our online drive by clicking here.
  • When uploading, be sure to name the file with the following convention: [ZooppaUserID-filename] i.e. ayang-seattlebts.jpg
  • Photos should be in JPG or PNG formats.


– There will be one Zooppa Community Choice winner determined by voting. Voting will start on 11/06/2015 and will last until 11/12/2015.
– Winner will be announced on 11/13/2015, bragging can commence immediately upon announcement.


If you are selected as the winner, you will receive all the glory and as an added bonus, you will receive a small gift from Zooppa as well.


There is a specific forum topic for this assignment, which can be found here. Please use the forum to ask any questions, discuss, and provide positive feedback for fellow Zooppers and their submissions.

Jasmine Moore


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