Where is Oculus Going?

Oculus Headset Price has been slashed yet again.virtual reality

Facebook has temporarily cut the prices of the Oculus Rift headset from $600 to $400, a $200 price cut. Ever since launching last year, Facebook has only sold about a few hundred thousand of them. For a company the size of Facebook, that’s not so great.
But this doesn’t mean that Oculus is failing. The question simply remains on whether or not virtual reality will become a mainstream technology; it has yet to catch on.
Facebook acquired the VR company 3 years ago for $2 billion sparked a movement within the virtual reality world. But technology still needs to catch on with users. VR technology is stuck right now; video games, movies, entertainment all need to be compelling enough for users to shed a huge chunk of money for a headset. And the general population isn’t willing to do that just yet.
With the price cut in the Oculus Rift, people might be more encouraged to purchase it now. Although it hasn’t been overwhelmingly successful so far, there is still an opportunity for Facebook in the future. Perhaps the continued price cut will lead to a wider user group of virtual reality technology, a step closer to what our future could look like.
Take a look at the full article from Bloomberg.

Jasmine Moore

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