“What’s necessary is to be the room in which the party takes place.” Jeff Howe


You made it to hump day! Congratulations! As a reward (I know you probably already know this, but I figured I had some time on my hands) I wrote a little educational piece on crowdsourcing, our business model, that you are a HUGE part of!

Our innovative business model breaks the barrier between business and consumer, through the creation of a community for all artists to join, inspire, and enhance. We work to deliver a democratised product choice to our clients through incentivized contests bringing forth our creative networks fullest potential!

To put it simply, crowdsourcing for us is a video or print competition in which the main goal is to please the client, and the participants are rewarded in certain ways (cash prizes, fame and PANCAKES (National Pancake Day))!! Jeff Howe explains in his article from Wired where he “coined” the term crowdsourcing: the client benefits by obtaining talent, at a reduced cost to the company, from everyday people willing to use their intellectual property for crowdsourcing companies (Howe 2006). “Crowdsourcing represents the act of a company or institution taking a function once performed by employees and outsourcing it to an undefined (and generally large) network of people in the form of an open call” (Howe 2006). Although this brings interaction between business and consumer, it mainly consists of one way communication still leaving a noticeable barrier in which Zooppa works hard to break with its creative network communities, fabulous Zooppsters like you!

Top intellectuals speak: “Crowdsourcing realizes the power of a creative network rather than a strict organizational hierarchy” (Maeda 2010)”. Scott Belsky, founder and CEO of Behance, talks about the crowdsourcing contributors: They value participation as an experience in itself. Exploring the creations of your peers around the world, uploading your own designs, and supporting ingenuity creates a vibrant and engaging community (Belsky 2010). Vanessa Wong quotes David Cousin, a global category director for Unilver, in her article for Bloomberg Businessweek named Co-Creation: Not Just another Focus Group?, David states that: Consumers want to be engaged with brands more closely and we as marketers must do that. Marketers must be prepared to relinquish creative control rather than steer participants towards favoured, often unpredictable, outcomes (Wong 2010). Basically, we know we’re great, we want to see what you can do!!

Here at Zooppa we put the community on a pedestal and then step into the background unless moderation is necessary. Let the creative juices flow! We feel that as a company we built our communities despite our ego because our creativity, brilliance, and ideas, are welcome, but not required due to amazing ZOOPPSTERS like you! What is necessary is to be the room in which the party takes place. (Howe 2010).

So what are you waiting for? Show us what you can do. Inspire us. Inspire the client. Inspire the world!

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Jasmine Moore

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