Seniors Citizens are Getting Social

Reaching seniors has long been the bane of advertisers. Often stereotyped as out of touch or behind the times, most organizations miss the opportunity to tap into this network of consumers. The reluctance is understandable, especially when the majority of tech is developed, geared, and targeted for young people.
In 2016, the average age for ad agency employees was 38.8—down almost 3 years from 2010. Tech companies are constantly hiring from universities and launching products that seem to capture the 13-34 crowd with little thought to the demographic just beyond it. This creates a disconnect in agencies with little-to-no older representation but also segments audiences into old vs. young with little thought to the overlap or similarities between the two.

Tech Savvy Senior Citizens

That tide is slowly changing.  AARP launched a subsidiary ad agency, Influent50, that works exclusively in the 50+ demographic space. Adult-friendly tech like GreatCall’s  Jitterbug Smart, and innovative living solutions like the Grannie Pod making inroads in the tech and lifestyle sectors, there’s  never been more opportunity for expansion into social communication for seniors.
Don’t believe us? Just check out this infographic on the media consumption habits of the   50+ crowd. More interesting than the high usage percentages is how active adults are using social media. A whopping 40% of them reported using Facebook for staying in touch with relatives and friends, and 30% for sharing photos. This correlates to higher activity on social platforms and in turn, more opportunities for targeted advertising with engaged users.
Now more than ever, active adults are entering the tech space: from 50+ dating sites like OurTime.com, to resources for coordinating elder care, and vibrant  89-year-old social influencers.  But the question remains: will tech take notice?
Interested in advertising to active adults? Check out our GreatCall “Active Aging Stories” project.

How Senior Citizens are Using Social Media

senior citizen social infographic

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