Pro Membership & Open Grant Info


What does being Pro mean?

It means you’re the crème de la crème and bar raiser for fantastic content! You’ve repeatedly excelled on Zooppa and we’ve come to know your story. Exclusive perks and opportunities are all within reach. Plus, you get a really cool badge & title for being part of the club. Who wouldn’t want in? 


  • Won at least two awards in two separate Zooppa projects and/or
  • Total award amount the member has received on Zooppa is over $5,500/€5.000 won

Additional Considerations: 

  • Pro members can nominate other Zooppers to join
  • There will be a qualitative review by Zooppa Staff
  • Zooppa staff has final approval on Pro Members at their discretion


  • Grant opportunities
  • Dibs on pledging projects where creatives receive products (as supplies last)
  • Additional promotion (your website/company and accomplishments on social, newsletters, highlights on zooppa.com etc.)
  • First opportunity at VIP projects/being recommended to clients when they are looking for freelance work
  • First opportunity at being involved in focus groups for clients
  • Guest speaking opportunities at Zooppa workshops
  • Opt in and volunteer to mentor new Zooppers and help them get acclimated faster




  • Only Pro Members are eligible to receive grants
  • If selected, only one open grant will be awarded per member every 6 months (in a calendar year)
  • Zooppa staff reserves the right to award private grants to individuals on a case-by-case basis


  • For projects with open grants, notifications and instructions will be sent via email to the Pro Member list
  • Instructions will vary depending on the brief ask, but we will require some form of deliverable from Members such as: storyboards, one page treatments etc.

Please email support@zooppa.com or zooppa.ita@zooppa.com with any questions you may have or if you are interested!

Jasmine Moore

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