Turn your Office Space into a VR Vacation Paradise

Companies are now using VR to create a more appealing workplace.

Companies all over the world have started creating spaces on their campuses like gardens and nap rooms in recognition that their employees need what psychologists called fascination–the cognitive renewal that comes from looking at organic patterns of a current in the river or leaves floating in the sky. Think about that afternoon lull and the need for rest. Companies like Mure VR hope to provide another solution, one where employees could even stay at their desks.

Using the power of digital nature, Mure VR plans to use Virtual Reality to transport employees to tranquil and inviting locations. “Our idea is that you could actually just sit at your desk and you could get this feeling, this psychological restoration, without having to leave the workstation,” says CEO Diðrik Steinsson.

virtual reality


The app is fittingly called Breakroom. Check out the full article and let us know what you think!

Jasmine Moore

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