New Project: Active Aging Stories

Calling all docustyle fanatics: we’ve got another project for you! Whether you missed the deadline for Everyday Humans 2017 or just enjoy telling cool character stories, our Active Aging Stories project is right up your alley. We’ve teamed up with GreatCall— maker of accessible devices such as Jitterbug, Jitterbug Smart, and 5star—to create a project that showcases active aging adults in modern society.
Every day 10,000 Americans turn 65. Gone are the days when older people thought Google was a type of food or the iPhone some sort of space-age tech. Now more than ever aging adults use technology to stay happy, healthy and independent. GreatCall wants filmmakers to find these older adults and tell their story. Whether it’s your grandparents, your neighbor, or the dapper older gentleman you pass on the way to work, we want to hear from them!

The Specs

Videos should be a 4 minute (or less) docustyle film about an active adult. Whether it’s your mom, grandparent or mentor, we want to see stories about technology and the way it helps improve their lives. Feel free to use GreatCall products in your video, but be sure to focus on character and story first.

The Prizes

There are eight client award slots for this project, ranging from $1,000 to the $9,000 first place prize.
So grab a camera, your favorite active adult, and get filming! The deadline for this project is February, 7 so don’t delay. Head over to the Active Aging Stories page for the full brief and assets folder. Need inspiration, check out this Wayne Oudsema video from Everyday Humans and this WD-40 “Not Just a Garage” spot for a jump-off point. Got questions for us? Post ‘em on the project forum page and the Community Team will answer them for you.
Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Jasmine Moore

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