This month’s Featured Member: Istvan Lettang


Meet this month’s featured member, Istvan Lettang! He is our first place winner for our Everyday Humans project with Syrp. Keep on reading to learn more about his work, and don’t forget to check out his winning video and his website!

1. Mini Bio 

I was born in Slovakia raised by a Hungarian family. I came to the U.S. in June 2000. I started my video carrier in New York in 2003 where I accidentally ended up on a corporate video freelance job covering a missing employee. Since then, I have been filming in all parts of the industry like corporate videos, Music Videos, Commercials and Feature films.

2. How did you find out about the Zooppa Community? 

About a year ago I Googled “video contests” and your site came up. I’ve been monitoring your website since for interesting contests.

3. What is appealing to you about the Zooppa model? 

I like Zooppa because anyone can enter the contest amateur or professional as long as they follow the project rules. Also Zooppa gives a lot of creative power to the creator.

4. What drew you to the Everyday Humans project? 

I always loved to meet and film interesting local characters. Sometimes the magic is just next door but no one knows about it. Everyday Humans was a perfect project for me.

5. Any cool projects that you’re working on that you’d like people to know about? 

I am working on many projects now. One is for a popular country band “Gunnar & the grizzly boys”. Also I am interested in entering your OH Lottery contest if I find the correct subject soon.

6. Favorite thing to eat at a craft service table? 

My favorite thing at the craft service is fruit, granola bars and coffee.

7. Doing anything fun with the reward money?

With the reward money I am going to buy more video equipment. :)

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