Tips from Gillette on “The Best a Man Can Get”

We’ve got news for you on our Gillette “Best a Man Can Get” project. You’ll have one extra week to complete your submissions. The new deadline will be Feb. 15th at 3 PM Rome Time. But that’s not all! Gillette took a look at the current submissions, along with the scripts you sent in. And while they provided individual feedback, here’s what they had to say overall.

Remember the Brief

Gillette man shaving

Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are great, but don’t lose sight of the original ask! Show us why Gillette is the best brand for millennials. Focus on the emotional connection between men and shaving products, and go from there. 

Don’t Forget Your Audience

We’re looking to connect with millennial men, especially those interested in esports. Don’t throw in too many technical terms or try to include too many features—the client isn’t looking for a hard sell. Instead, keep in mind cultural references, especially as it pertains to gaming and competitive electronic sports. Need a starting point? Check out this Gillette remix by popular Twitch streamer, Dr. Disrespect

Bring Us the Brand

 We’re looking to connect, not just sell the razor being shown. Think about Gillette’s values and the type of man who buys their products. What’s most important to them? Why do they use Gillette? For them, what makes Gillette “The Best a Man Can Get”? Use those questions to develop your video strategy, then get to work! 

If you need another point of reference, take a look at this spot Gillette provided in their brief.

Everything Needs a Purpose

Gillette razors

Story and drama are cool, but don’t get so wrapped up in your 3-part miniseries that you forget to show off the product! A story only works if it benefits the product feature, and the product feature only works if it feels natural. 

Don’t force two opposing ideas to mesh. Maybe you really want to do a medieval video with a warrior shaving his beard before going into battle. Maybe you should make that video, just not for this project. 

Simple is best. We suggest leaving all the complex symbolism and epic nature shots for your feature-length debut.

That’s it! You’ve got the tools and the talent, so all you’ve got to do is put ’em together.

If you want more info on sharpening your skills, check out this guide to improving your films.

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