Featured Member: Richard Duckett

me-out-and-aboutCongratulations to Richard Duckett, this month’s featured member and our first place winner for Wood & Culture project! Check out his first winning Zooppa project and read on to learn more about his style and advice for you!

1. Tell us about yourself, personally and creatively (mini bio). 

I’m a videographer and painter. I grew up in Asia and now live in Italy with my family. Creatively I’m always drawn to the natural diversity of Asia and as such most of what I do reflects certain aspects of  it’s nature and cultural mix. Growing up my parents always encouraged me and my siblings to explore different areas of art, consequently, my university degree was in commercial art. My school and university years were at the early days of computers and my introduction to filming was offline editing on non linear systems while working as a copywriter in an ad agency.  Later on I was fortunate enough to work with a few broadcasting networks working on advertorials that covered sports and tourism.

2. What brought you to the Zooppa community?

I found out about Zooppa when I first moved to Italy. A friend recommended me to have a look and I first entered the EXPO Milano 2015 contest and luckily enough I won it! I’ve entered many since and think it’s a great platform to practice what you love and also view some great work.

3. What do you like most about crowdsourced projects?

Crowdsourcing  is a good way of getting a fledging idea off the ground which perhaps seems too unconventional for normal avenues of financing as they prefer the tried and trusted formula most of the time.

4. Name 3 artists that have influenced your work.

Most of my work has been through trial and error  but watching films has helped a great deal for inspiration and techniques. To pick only three is very hard.
I particularly remember Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns. Great camera work and music compositions. I think everyone of my generation watched his movies. For painters I very much like John Singer Sargent for his ethereal style and creativity and John Everett Millais for his detail and precision.

5. Where do/did you go to school? How has your education influenced your design?

I went to school in Malaysia and the UK and Malaysia has very much influenced my love and respect for nature and culture, which I try to communicate in my pieces.

6. What is your favorite style and artistic medium to work on?

My favourite artistic style would be “realistic nature” in both my video work and also for painting. I mostly paint wildlife in watercolours and oils.

7. If you weren’t filming, what would you be doing instead?

If I were not filming or painting I’d probably be restoring old things like bikes, motorbikes and mechanical objects.

8. Choose 5 words to describe your art.

The five words to describe my art would be natural, colourful, precise, realistic and contemporary.

9. What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on some short pieces for an Italian vineyard.

10. What drew you to participate in this campaign? i.e. – did the brief catch your attention, the award money, the love for the brand?

What drew me to this project is my love for nature and my respect for people who work with natural materials. Also after spending many years being able to walk through jungles and other wooded areas, I think it would be terrible if anything happened to these amazing places.

11. What is one piece of advice you would give to your fellow Zooppa community members?

The advice I would give to other Zooppa members would be to keep on entering contests as it keeps you learning and keeping your hand in while building up a good body of work.

12. 10 years from now where will we see you and your artwork?

10 years is a long time ahead  but I would love to do long format documentaries and films in the future.

13. What was the most challenging aspect about the Wood & Culture Project?

The most challenging aspect for the Wood and Culture project was finding a way to tell a short story about a common material which has an all encompassing daily use and impact on our lives. It has so many individual uses yet collectively can claim to be the world’s most versatile material in almost every scope of life.

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