Featured Member: Marcel Gonzalez Ávila

Meet Marcel Gonzalez Ávila, this month’s featured member and winner of our Muck Foving project! Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @Marzelavila and on Facebook and don’t forget to check out his reel!

1. Mini Bio:

I studied film in Venezuela. I have worked in Advertising, TV, Film & Documentaries. I am currently developing my first feature film as director and scriptwriter and dedicated to the creation of video content, a work that I love for being brief, very diverse, funny
and global. I am a founder and creative director of Araguato Films, that more than a production house, is a factory of audiovisual ideas, there I work alongside a group of super creative and talented professionals.

2. How did you find out about the Zooppa Community?

Almost by chance, one of my colleagues surfing randomly on the internet came across a project called “Wood and Humanity” in 2015, and from that moment it was love at first sight. Since then Araguato Films has participated in 6 contests with more Of 12 submissions, obtaining 6 prizes.

3. What is your opinion about the Zooppa model?

For us the Zooppa model is excellent! A great opportunity for producers and creatives from all over the world to have contact with major brands, a window into the growing global market for audiovisual content, a creative, flexible and highly motivating work model.

4. What drew you to Muck Foving project?

We usually work with contents of human interest, profiles, documentary-style content and branded content. The idea of making a crazy style viral video seemed a fun challenge and a way to demonstrate our versatility and creativity. In this project I not only fulfilled my usual role as creative director, I also act, yes, I am the man on the roof of the car. My colleague Aquiles Fernandez directed another of the submissions and obtained the second place. Winning both the first and second place in this contest was incredible for all the Araguato Films team.

5. Any cool projects that you’re working on that you’d like people to know about?

We are currently in full pre-production of the project “Symphony of the Saman” a 20-minute documentary style poetry essay commissioned by the
International Wood Culture Society, a great opportunity we got thanks to Zooppa! After our outstanding participation in the contest “Wood and Humanity” and later in “Wood and Culture” the foundation became interested in my work and I got contacted through Zooppa to develop this new project for them.

6. Favorite thing to eat at a craft service table?

When on set I’m usually very focused, I think I could eat whatever they put me in front, including the script and the shooting plan, although I really love to eat light things like fruits and fish. Once I ate two dishes of a delicious pasta but then feel asleep in the middle of the set.

7. Doing anything fun with the reward money?

Currently, my colleagues and I are very excited developing a feature film project that mixes fiction, animation, and documentary, the story of a toymaker told by his own toys. The prize money will go directly to our savings bank for that project called: The Toymaker. You can learn more about this project at www.toymakermovie.com

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