Featured Member: Gateway Media

Meet the team of Gateway Media, this month’s featured member. Congrats to Jeff and the rest of the team for winning first place for the Sparkle Minis project! Check out their websites for Cinema Blend and Gateway Blend, and don’t forget to like their Facebook pages for both Cinema Blend and Gateway Blend!

1. Mini Bio

We’re a small video production team at a media company out of St. Louis, MO that goes by t he name Gateway Blend.

2. How did you find out about the Zooppa Community?
Through searching crowd-sourcing contests online.

3. What is appealing to you about the Zooppa model?

Commercials and other original branded video content is new territory for us. In order to break into that world and develop a portfolio, contests seemed like the logical choice. So far it’s been working out great, as we’ve entered three Zooppa contests and won three prizes.

4. What drew you to our project with Sparkle? 
The Sparkle project was a way to get goofy. Many times advertising is straight-forward and formulaic, but the tone of Sparkle’s ads allowed for some jokes and off-the-wall concepts.
5. Any cool projects that you’re working on that you’d like people to know about? 
We’re consistently producing original video content for one of Gateway Blend’s largest sites, cinemablend.com. Check out the site or follow Cinema Blend on FaceBook to see what kind of stuff we’ve been putting out.
6. Favorite thing to eat at a craft service table? 
We stick to a tight budget! There will be time for food after the shoot.
7. Doing anything fun with the reward money?
Investing in more equipment and stepping up our game for the next contest!

Jasmine Moore

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