Featured Member: Andrew Bartlett & Hannah Kenney

bartlett-productionsMeet Andrew and Hannah, this month’s featured members! They are also our first place winners for the AT&T Real Businesses Stories project. Go ahead and check out their portfolio here and his winning video.

1. Mini Bio (include as much or as little as you like)

We really started out just like every other filmmaker. Hannah and I both grew up making fun home videos with our families and siblings, and over the past 6-8 years we started getting more serious about filmmaking and it turned from a hobby into a career. Together we started the Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy in 2014, and through that we’ve grown a lot as we focus on teaching filmmaking through promotional media. This has allowed us to expand our knowledge and experience, enabling us to grow Bartlett Productions to a full-time business. Over the years we’ve done countless promotionals, a few short films, and we also enjoy photography and graphic design.

2. How did you find out about the Zooppa Community?

We first heard about Zooppa when they reached out to us in 2015 after seeing some of our work on Vimeo. They gave us the link to the AT&T Real Stories contest and said they thought we would be a great fit for the contest. Even though we didn’t win anything that year, we were inspired to continue working with the Zooppa community!

3. What is appealing to you about the Zooppa model?

What I love is that we are given the opportunity to work with major brands that we probably wouldn’t have access to otherwise. It’s been a great way to expand our portfolio!

4. What drew you to the AT&T project?

Being a small business ourselves, the AT&T Real Stories project is something that we really can relate to. We love working with small businesses, and so it really has been a great fit for us. When we heard that AT&T was doing the contest again this year we were excited to enter!

5. Any cool projects that you’re working on that you’d like people to know about?

We’re currently working on building Bartlett Productions as a business, and usually keeping busy with multiple projects going on at any given time. We are also gearing up for our 2017 hands-on film academy, which is held once a year in west-central MN (about 3 hours northwest of Minneapolis). We’re really excited to see all the doors God has opened for the academy in the last 3 years, and also for its new sister company, Motion University!

6. Favorite thing to eat at a craft service table?

Pizza is always a winner! And ice cream. Lot’s of ice cream.

7. Doing anything fun with the reward money?

We’re excited to use the money to invest into the gear package that we’ve been renting for our shoots! We’re also hoping to get some new BP branded jackets and gear.

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