The Most Absurd VR Headset

There is a VR Headset called FaceDisplay—Seriously!

A new VR headset will be introduced at the Association for Computing Machinery on Computer-Human Interaction (ACM CHI) at their 2017 event and it might just be the most absurd headset of all time. This new headset is called FaceDisplay, and it was created by designers at Germany’s Ulm University. The reason why it looks so ridiculous is due to the fact that designers made the headset to solve the problem of an isolated experience in Virtual Reality.

FaceDisply allows others to interact with the headset wearer within the virtual world. The main goal is to create an immersive and more inclusive virtual experience for everyone—a communal experience.

Curious as to how this even works? Take a look at FaceDisplay demonstration:

What do you think? Would you use this headset? Let us know in the comments!

Jasmine Moore

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