Exploring Complex Narratives through Virtual Reality

African filmmakers look to Virtual Reality to help dispel stereotypes and level the playing field.

virtual reality

A shot from the virtual reality film “Let this be a warning.” (Courtesy/The Nest Collective)

Whether it be the gaming industry or film industry, virtual reality has proven to be successful and brings in billions in revenue to each respective industry. For example, a couple of the most visually stunning films showcased at the German cultural center in Nairobi were virtual reality productions. Filmmakers have been able to explore a complex narrative through virtual reality—it’s been difficult for the film industry in Africa to keep up movie and music sales due to its constant competition with rampant piracy. This actually gives filmmakers who are working with virtual reality a new opportunity to create work for those with the right equipment to view content.

“For the first time, technology has caught up with African storytelling,” said Jepchumba, a Kenyan digital artist, who mentioned this during the screening of the films in Nairobi.

South Africa leads the use of virtual reality on the African continent, with it being used regularly in filmmaking and advertising. Filmmakers are able to push the boundaries of what they can create through virtual reality and it is evident in the content that they produce. The hope is to break into the international market and having an equal chance of succeeding. Additionally, through the use of VR, the goal is to bring visibility to African storytelling in a way that pushes the traditional mold and dispels longstanding stereotypes about the country.

Take a look at the full details of how Virtual Reality is growing in Africa.

Jasmine Moore

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