Our Favorite (Story) Ads of 2017

It’s no secret that stories have become an increasingly dominant force for advertisers. Gone are the days of product hawking with models and flashy logos a la 80s The Price Is Right. It’s swiftly been replaced by a tangled web of influencers, content platforms and truncated content. Stories are the best way of connecting an audience to a product, making them trust not only in the power of a product, but the values of the company that produces it. Don’t believe us? Check out a few of our favorite story ads of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, “I Love You”

Samsung had a rough few years. Exploding phones, plummeting shares, and fierce competition from the likes of Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iPhone 10, just to name a few. Instead of announcing their new phone with an E3-like product feature ad, Samsung’s media team opted for something much more heartfelt—finding love with the help of their new phone’s messaging upgrades.

Levi’s, “Circles”

Levi’s is famous for durable everyday denim wear. But the focus of the “Circles” ad isn’t on product, but on Levi’s values as an internationally-recognized brand—connected, culturally aware, with classic style. Though the ad doesn’t feature any dialogue, “Circles” tells its story with awesome visuals (and a catchy tune).

eHarmony, “Happy Mother’s Day”

Finding love is hard. With a whopping 64% of singles flying solo for 2 years or more, eHarmony wanted to show their audiences that finding that special someone is possible with online dating. Instead of their old ads that featured founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony’s new campaign shows the challenges of new-age dating in this short, heartfelt spot.
What’s better? We had the pleasure of working on this project.

Introducing Match Stories

Much like Instagram and Snapchat, Match seeks to join the interactive story scene with their latest profile feature. Plucky singles like Courtney, Caleb, and Katie tell us about their favorite hobbies, show off their photos and videos in these slice-of-life ads. With their wide appeal, these Match ads were broadcast during the Fall 2017 season on broadcast networks like CBS.
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