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Here at Zooppa, the only thing we love more than animals is protecting them. From fierce tigers and majestic elephants, to red pandas and quirky lemurs, there’s nothing better than seeing animals in the wild. Now more than ever, wildlife habitat is disappearing, leaving lions, tigers, and koala bears (oh my!) at risk of endangerment or extinction. 

San Diego Zoo is spearheading the global conservation effort, rehabilitating animals and keeping them safe until they can return to their natural homes; their Wildlife Conservancy program has already saved populations of native animals like the ʻalalā crow in Hawaii. With a focus on at-risk species like African elephants, the conservancy sets up specialized shelters to prepare animals for release back into the wild. It might not sound like a lot, but with the elephants disappearing at an alarming rate (96 per day to be exact), there’s never been more to take action.

Our San Diego Wildlife Conservancy project challenges you to make a 30-second video inspiring animal lovers to become members of the program. No need to ask your local rhino for his filming availability—we’re looking for inspiring, out-of-the-box calls to action.

The Mission

With the majority of humans living in urban areas and spending less time outdoors, many people are becoming less connected and knowledgeable about the natural world around them. The term used to describe this affliction is nature-
deficit disorder. Although the sighting of many native species in public parks is a thrill for visitors, many of these individuals have little or no experience in nature. They also may not understand how to behave safely around wildlife and natural habitats.
San Diego Zoo Global is a conservation, education, and recreation organization dedicated to the reproduction, protection, and exhibition of animals, plants, and their habitats.
In a 30-second spot, we want filmmakers to convey the urgency of protecting wildlife habitats via the San Diego Wildlife Conservancy. Be sure to mention “5 Ws”—who, what, when, where, and why—to ensure the message comes across clearly.

The Prizes

First prize for this project is $7,000 and winning spots will be aired nationwide, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to show off your work and help a great cause.

Ready to get started? Visit the brief page, ask your questions on the project forum, and grab a camera. This project ends Tuesday, April 24th at 2:00 PM EST.

Jasmine Moore

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