Adoptify Matches Your Playlist with the Perfect Pup

It’s been a good year for dogs. Summer brought us dOGUMENTA, the world’s first art gallery designed for man’s best friend. The Puppy Bowl, Animal Planet’s answer to the Super Bowl, snags an average of 2.2 million viewers per event, with plans for content expansion in 2018.
Now, we’ve taken the next step in pup advancement—playlist-aided adoptions. Turns out dogs have tastes in music just like we do, and Adoptify is making it easier to bring the two together.

Do Dogs Like Disco?

A 2017 study conducted by the University of Glasgow found that dogs have preferences in artist and genres. Their research concluded that dogs have lower stress levels and higher responsiveness to commands like “sit” and “stay” when listening to Reggae and Soft Rock. While those genres elicited a regular positive response, individual dogs demonstrated preferences toward specific artists and songs.

Munich animal shelter Tierschutzverein München teamed up with Spotify unite shelter dogs and hopeful adopters based on their music tastes. German agency Serviceplan debuted the campaign last week in a five-video series advertising dogs who prefer all types of music, from hip-hop and house to rock and indie.

Check out our favorite pup, Ray. He’s a tuxedo Frenchie who enjoys house music.

Plans to Expand

Adoptify is a pilot program from Serviceplan and  Tierschutzverien München, but there’s potential for expansion into international markets. American pet care is a $62.5 billion industry, with a large portion of that spent on initial adoption fees. Though shelters are often local non-profit organizations, partnerships with US agencies and music providers like Spotify offer an opportunity for greater exposure. Video-based advertising  for these adoptable dogs could generate traffic exceeding the 1k+ views in four days from the Serviceplan campaign.

While we don’t have Adoptify in the US just yet, we can’t wait for the day we can select our favorite genres and be matched up with our new best bud.

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Jasmine Moore

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