Acura + Racing + Facebook Live + Augmented Reality

Acura is set to livestream an augmented reality race.

This is their newest promotion for its 2018 TLX A-Spec sedan. Using augmented reality, they will have four drivers hitting an actual track while wearing AR helmets to create a virtual environment for each lap that they take.
Each lap that the driver finishes triggers a brand new mixed-reality environment and this entire thing is visible to both the drivers and viewers. Although this sounds dangerous because the drivers will be racing against objects that deceive them, Acura does have safety measures in place to make sure that the drivers don’t plough through a wall.
The entire event will be streamed live on Facebook, a platform that has proven to be successful for video content marketing. Those who are watching on Facebook Live will also be able to chat in their own hints and tips in real time. Acura hopes that these interactions from the viewers will transform them into a virtual pit crew.
You can view this race live on Facebook on Monday. Don’t forget to watch!

Jasmine Moore

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