2014 Zooppa Community Award Winners Announced

Hello Zooppers,


The votes are in! We are excited to announce the winners of the 2014 Zooppa Community Awards. The Community Awards help us recognize the amazing work that was done this past year by Zooppa members. Thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to the winners for submitting some of the best work of 2014. Make sure to check out the winning videos and prints, they are definitely worth the watch!

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.43.30 AM

The winners in the voting categories are…

Comedic Video Of The Year:

A Day with Mum by nicco-divito

Documentary Video Of The Year:

Head in the Clouds by brother bear

Dramatic Video Of The Year:

La Réunion by aelia01

Graphic Design Of The Year:

Greetings by valmont

Best Partner Submission:

Best Honorable Mention:

Italian Video Of The Year:

E Tu Come Ti Prepari Al Futuro by giulio-scarano-50

UK Submission of the Year:

Most Viewed Submission:

And the winners in the non-voting categories…

Veteran Zoopper: doctormovie
Community Advocate: antonio-d-rosa-9
Newbie Award Of 2014: carmelldc
Most #1 Wins In 2014:  schleppfilms
Most Project Participation: vincenzover
*That wraps it up for 2014, bring on 2015!*

Jasmine Moore

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